Claudia Friggi: strolling through the hills of Bagno a Ripoli


We welcome Claudia Friggi who, thanks to her walks, prepared specifically for eChianti, will lead us to the discovery of the hills of Bagno a Ripoli.

These walks are an invitation for people who not only want to cross the world, but want to experience it fully with the slowness and spirit of a traveler of yore, thus overcoming the boundary that separates the picture postcard image from the actual experience.

To discover how much the Bagno a Ripoli countryside can offer, in its varied and still intact identity, you don’t need any special equipment, just the desire and curiosity to walk along ancient tracks.

In the footsteps of pilgrims and travelers, we will discover the hidden treasures in this landscape designed by man: churches, rural churches and oratories, but also castles and tower houses that testify to the importance of the Bagno a Ripoli territory since the Middle Ages.

We will also encounter taverns, wineries and farms where you can taste and buy olive oil, wine, meats, cheeses and more. We will point out the excellence of the territory, so you won’t get lost on the road leading to the discovery of tastes and knowledge and history and traditions of the real Tuscan countryside, a witness to a farming world closely tied to the land and its places of worship.

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