The Project

The eCHIANTI – Bagno a Ripoli the hills of Florence and the Chianti project aims to put the Bagno a Ripoli community on the Net: its area, local government, businesses and associations, in order to create interconnections between different actors operating in the municipality and, at the same time, attract the interest of anyone who wants to discover its landscape, history and traditions.

To achieve this ambitious result, we have decided to focus on the potential offered by the worldwide web and processes of technological innovation: indeed the birth of this portal has the aim of fulfilling and developing our project.
The portal is divided into three thematic areas which are also the “soul” of our project:

  • Useful Information: here you find useful information on the services provided and directions on how to get to Bagno a Ripoli and the nearby cities of art
  • Culture: promotes cultural and recreational activities organized within the municipality
  • Area: indicates the areas of interest in the Bagno a Ripoli locality, in order to reveal all the interesting facts and myths that constitute the area’s history to visitors (and others). If you wish to discover its most charming places, we suggest the “Percorsi” (Trails), along which you can also taste traditional Ripolese culinary produce.
  • Eat&Sleep: includes accommodations and restaurants in the area;• Agricultural Enterprises: gives more visibility to these establishments and their products;
  • Companies: endorses Ripolese entrepreneurial institutions;
  • Commerce: enhances the visibility of stores, their promotions and their activities;
  • Associations: encapsulates local associations and services they offer to the community.
  • The view is to connect, in the near future, the portal to a platform of online sales in order to develop a real tool of e-commerce and expand the audience of potential purchasers of the goods and services produced in the Bagno a Ripoli area.