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Monday, May 20, 2024

Pubblica Amministrazione & Mercato S.r.l. (Public Administration & Market S.r.l.) was founded in 2009 to provide practical help to all individuals involved in the complex world of public procurement, in particular those of public authorities and economic operators. An important role in our business is fulfilled by technological innovation, in particular with regard to e-Procurement, in which we are now a point of reference for administrations and traders operating in the Tuscan territory.

The belief that processes of technological innovation are now the way forward in every professional field, amongst others, to successfully reach predefined goals, combined with interest for the environment in which we operate daily, has strengthened our will to initiate a process aimed at the promotion and revitalization of our community, thanks to the global showcase offered by the Net and new media. We pursue this ambitious outcome consolidated by experience gained in applying procedures and innovative tools to areas related to “traditional” working methods, supported by an understanding of the socio-entrepreneurial and administration framework of the territory to which we belong.

Participation in a public selection process initiated by the Bagno a Ripoli Municipality in September 2014 aimed at implementing a territorial revival initiative, and the following award in our favor, has provided us with the opportunity to develop our new regional marketing goal, giving birth to the eCHIANTI Project.

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