Villa la Tana



Magnificence and splendor are the words to describe Villa la Tana.

The ancient Medici villa, built in the middle of the fifteenth century and home to the Bianca Cappello, the mistress and later wife of the Grand Duke Francesco I de’ Medici, was later restored in the eighteenth century, a restructuring that gave an impressive setting and appearance to the villa.

The cypress road leads us to the villa where we are greeted by a grand staircase and a small nymph who play the hosts. The stairway is divided into two ramps which, in the center, are home to a rectangular grotto with a large basin decorated with spongy materials and shells.

Inside, the first floor has been completely painted with great views of seascapes by Antonio Carocci (1722) which defines Villa la Tana: “the most beautiful among the villas in this part of Florence’s surroundings.”

The scenic element returns at the back of the villa where a large garden of geometric iris and azalea beds flourish.

Although this house was called la Tana for its small proportions, these are soon forgotten thanks to the quality of materials used, the variety of colors and geometric designs that decorate it and the theatricality given by the different architectural elements that make it up.

The villa is privately owned and, unfortunately, cannot be visited.

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