New Committee for the restoration of the Cappellina di Baroncelli



The Committee for the Cappellina di Baroncelli was formed in 2007 with the aim of restoring the small building, considering a primary duty of the Community to be the protection of its artistic heritage.

The state of neglect of the oratory and the serious degradation of the fresco contained within have convinced some Ripolese people to attempt to restore it.

The Committee has renewed its positions on the 26/6/2014 and has changed its name to the Nuovo Comitato per il recupero della Cappellina di Baroncelli (New Committee for the restoration of the Chapel of Baroncelli). It has been active in the area, looking for sponsors, addressing banks, organizations and associations interested in associating their name with this project: the answers have been very encouraging. Contributions have been received by the Cassa Risparmio Firenze, BCC Pontassieve, Lions Club Firenze Bargello and the Compagnia del S.S. Sacramento della Chiesa di Vicchio di Rimaggio. The Bagno a Ripoli municipality participates with its sponsorship, the technical and administrative structures and its financial contribution, the Parrocchia di Quarto is a partner in the project, and the Associazione Amici dei Musei Fiorentini supports the New Committee in dealing with the Authorities.

Thanks to important personalities in the fields of art, culture and entertainment who have believed in this enterprise, several events dedicated to raising funds have been organized, events which have been received with great interest by the public.

Resources have therefore been accumulated in order to start, at the end of 2014, work on the static consolidation of the property carried out by the company Edilsomigli of Bagno a Ripoli/Florence, under the direction of architects Cesare Prunecchi, Guido Spezza and engineer Alessandro Cini.

The next phase will cover the recovery of the interior of the Chapel, with the important work on the fresco.

The support and cooperation of all public and private entities is needed in order to give a signal of commitment towards the protection of historical, artistic and cultural heritage that represents the excellence of our area.


To contribute to the activities of the Committee, contact:

The Chairman of the New Committee for the restoration of the Cappellina di Baroncelli, Giuliana Righi 333.17.444.52

Secretary Ilva Palchetti 349.23.84.256

To contribute to the restoration, IBAN IT 03 U 08736 37720


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