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Auser is an association with a distinctive identity of solidarity and help for people, supporting fragility and combatting loneliness.

It’s part of the solidarity network of the municipality of Bagno a Ripoli and works closely with local social services.

It operates in the territory of Bagno a Ripoli and in the south area of Florence. The services are carried out by volunteers.


Services of a social nature:

Home meal delivery

Shopping delivery

Secure transport services to health and social centers for check-ups and treatments or services in kind

Home company

Telephone company

School supervision and Pedibus

Small garden maintenance for the public library and Lastrucci civic center

Social/cultural services:

Social activities (bingo, burraco, DIY activities, lunches and social outings)

Management with municipal sponsorship of summer accommodation for the elderly

Visits to museums/churches/monuments

A book and a volunteer friend (held at the SS. Annunziata Hospital Library)

A book at everyone’s home in collaboration with the Municipal Library

Reading aloud in R.S.A. Centers or the local elderly centers

Contact us

AUSER Verde Argento

Via Luigi Longo, 1

50012 – Bagno a Ripoli

Num verde nazionale: 800 995 988

TEL/FAX: 055/6461406

TEL:          055/640609




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