Il Mulino (The Mill)


Only after passing the bridge will you see the irregular and compact complex of the mill, indicated by a heavy millstone against the wall.

Inside little or nothing has remained of the structures that would action it. The millpond, visible climbing ladders between the house and the straight wall, is completely buried and has been turned into vegetable garden. The mill was closed in 1966, the year of the flood. The same family of millers worked there for almost a century. There was also a farm in the complex, also known as the Mill.
On the façade is the small tabernacle of the Immaculate Conception; word has been passed down from generation to generation that it was built in the second half of the last century by the wife of the then miller, a Galardi from Florence, following an accident caused by a new mill which, not well held by ropes, had rolled down the descent fortunately without hitting anyone present. In the early years of the century, the nine families living in the surrounding area would gather under the tabernacle to recite the rosary in the month of May.

La redazione del giornale