Gualchiere di Remole



The Gualchiere di Remole are the only example still visible of the ancient art of fulling woolen fabric.

Fulling wool is the most complicated and costly step in the wool production process which would in fact require the use of hydropower that was then transported to machinery through a series of hydraulic engineering works. A sequence of articulated and coordinated channels and mechanisms with the purpose of conducting the water to treat the fabric was used. The typical characteristics of The Gualchiere di Remole is that these elements have been preserved over time and are still visible.

The Gualchiere date back to the fourteenth century and are located on the left bank of the Arno river, they were owned by the Albizi family until 1541 who then passed them over to the Corporazione dell’Arte e della Lana (Art and Wool Guild).

The central building is accessible through a series of masonry bridges and is characterized by two towers reminiscent of a medieval castle. Hence the debate about the origins of the Remole structure: was it a tenth century medieval castle which was later converted or a newly built building constructed in the fourteenth century?

The Gualchiere are unusable and unfortunately cannot be visited.

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