Dogs and Cats in Bagno a Ripoli: useful information and numbers


Do you live in Bagno a Ripoli with a dog or a cat? Do you want to come on holiday with your pet? Here is some information that you may find useful:

It is forbidden to let animals roam freely in public areas or those of public use and it is mandatory for owners to prevent bites, scratches, harassment or annoyance to any other persons; dogs must be accompanied in public places or in any event, those open to the public, and always with a leash and muzzle. Using only a leash is permitted in open spaces that are rarely frequented by small dogs, which in any case does not apply to the case of German shepherds, Maremma shepherds, bulldogs, Danes, Great Danes, mastiffs, and the like, or any dogs inclined to a biting nature. Moreover, the introduction and retention of any species of animal in bars, restaurants and the like is prohibited, except for the administration of outdoor relevance with direct access from the outside.

Anyone bringing dogs into public spaces, excluding fields outside towns, must prevent their animal from soiling the ground with excrement. In any case, the excrement must be collected and the ground cleaned; to this end, dog owners must carry tools for cleaning and removal (palette, gloves, bags, etc.).

The access of dogs, even those accompanied by a leash and muzzle is prohibited in gardens, parks, playgrounds, squares, public places including those not fenced off and wherever playgrounds are located. If the park or garden is not definable by green flowerbeds or fences, the presence of dogs is prohibited within 50 feet of any children’s playground. The presence of dogs in areas marked with a forbidden access sign for dogs is always prohibited.

A fine of € 50 is applicable for any violations.
This penalty also applies:

  • to owners and holders, even temporary, and to anyone who breeds, takes care of or nourishes animals regularly, even if they are left in public areas or areas that are in any way open to the public;
  • to anyone, without valid reason, who prevents security authorities’ access, in order to check on animals, to detention areas, private or otherwise, in accordance with reasonable times and arrangements established by the holder.

Useful numbers:

Lost cats or dogs

  • Municipal Kennels of Florence – tel. 055 / 36.74.27 / 47 055 / 33.23.01
  • Via del Termine Kennel (Sesto Fiorentino) – tel. 055 / 44.46.89
  • Via del Limite Kennel (Campi Bisenzio) – tel. 055 / 48.14.14
  • A.M.A. (Friends of the Animal World) – Via Mariti, 47 / r – Firenze – tel.055 / 3215532 Opening hours: Monday from 9.30 to 11.30; Wednesday from 17.15 to 19.00


  • Emergency Veterinary Care – tel.055 / 7223683
  • Dr. Alberto Briganti Clinic loc. Restone, 3 – Florence (FI) – Tel. 055 / 95.24.44 The clinic is open 24 hours.
  • Veterinary clinic Pian di Grassina S. Via Chiantigiana, 154 Bagno a Ripoli – Tel. 055/641290
  • Da Montelatico Francesca Via Moro, 6 / in Bagno a Ripoli – Tel. 055/643849
  • Viggiani M: Via Ponte del Lepre 38/40 Grassina – Tel. 055/645180

Vacation Kennels and catteries

  • Veterinary Clinic Europe, Via del Carota 31, Ponte a Ema (Florence) – tel. 055 / 64.19.19
  • Cattery tel. 055 645255 after 8pm or 3881067914 “Ama Cattery” in Bagno a Ripoli,
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