Croce a Varliano – Vicchio di Rimaggio


Type of route: dirt road, on foot, mountain bike or horseback.
Duration: 1:50/2:00 hours
Length: 5.10 km
Ascent and descent: 170 m

The route begins in the Piazza di Croce a Varliano (Coord. GPS N 43 ° 44 ’47 “E 11 ° 20’16”). Continue along Via Roma to the Arco del Camicia, built to connect the two side buildings of the Batacchi villa. Having gone past the Arco, along via di Terzano, we find, on the left, the Torre del Camicia (1280), in front of which stands the aedicule that houses a high relief of a Madonna col Bambino (Virgin Mary and Child) (1832-1833) in plaster. We then come to the church of Santo Stefano a Paterno.

Near the church, the left hand side of the road is bounded by walls covered with graffiti typical of the Florentine countryside. Having left at this point the Terzano road, we continue on the Vicchio e Paterno road towards Vignalla. In this part, the Rimaggio valley, mainly cultivated with olive trees, forms a natural amphitheater and offers the sights and surroundings of Florence and the villa Vernalese cypress forest.

Having crossed the Rimaggio ditch, we find the Torre di Terigi, a classic example of a medieval tower house, which formerly belonged to the Peruzzi family.

Shortly after, at the junction with via Mulino di Vernalese, the road goes up towards the Vizzano farm; at the end of the short ascent, you can admire a great tabernacle with a mural painting depicting the Annunciation. The landscape stretches over Florence and Bagno a Ripoli. Having passed the ancient manor houses and others that are more recently built, we reach Vicchio di Rimaggio where the ancient church of San Lorenzo (rebuilt in the fourteenth century) can be found, preceded by an interesting porch with two arches.

We leave via di Vicchio e Paterno and continuing to the left through via della Croce, we arrive at Villa Bellavista and then the Rimaggino tabernacle (early fifteenth century): built as an aedicule supported by columns with Corinthian capitals, it contains a fresco depicting the Madonna col Bambino in Maestà (The Virgin Mary and Child in Majesty).

Having left the tabernacle behind, we go down and cross the Rimaggio stream once again, into the Rimaggino locality. The road continues uphill until Croce a Varliano, where the walk ends.

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