Bagno a Ripoli is full of tabernacles located throughout the territory.

The tabernacle is a sacred aedicule which protects a sacred image or an object of worship and is often placed along the roads.

Some of the Ripolese tabernacles are of fine workmanship, such as the Rimaggino tabernacle, which is located near the village of Croce a Varliano, or la Cappellina di Baroncelli. Others on the other hand are smaller in size but always of great value. A further example of the tabernacle is located at the Fonte della Fata Morgana (Fay Morgana’s Spring) that used to house the fresco attributed to Santi di Tito depicting “La Samaritana al Pozzo” (The Samaritan Woman at the Well), which has now unfortunately disappeared.

Some advice: be patient and curious and you will be able to discover all of Bagno a Ripoli’s tabernacles!

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