Let yourself be overwhelmed by the goodness of Elisa and Laura’s Monte Bianco


When Laura and I (Elisa) spoke of which Christmas dessert we preferred I was reminded of one of the few cakes that my mother loved to make us for the holidays.

Perhaps I already mentioned that she didn’t love to cook but with she made an exception with some desserts and amongst these triumphed Monte Bianco.
Laura also agrees with me about the goodness of this dessert, perhaps little known in Tuscany since it is a dessert typical of northern Italy.
We wish you a Christmas filled with joy and serenity.

Monte Bianco

700 grams of chestnuts
500 ml of whole milk
20 grams of cocoa powder
1 small glass of good rum
1 pod of pure vanilla
100 grams of brown sugar
as much salt as necessary
500 grams of whipping cream

The Montebianco process is quite long but your patience will be well rewarded. We guarantee it!!!
The chestnuts should be washed and etched with a small knife. They are then boiled in salted water until they are soft.
Once the chestnuts are cooked they are then peeled, this is the part where patience is needed…
At this point we cook the chestnuts again with the milk, vanilla and sugar. Let it cook for 20 min.
When cooked, drain the chestnuts into a bowl and add the cocoa and rum. Mix well and let it rest in the fridge for an hour.
Finally we can put the mixture into the large holed potato masher and form a mountain on a nice plate perhaps in a Christmas style.
Cover our chestnut mountain with plastic wrap and leave in the fridge.
Before serving the dessert whip the cream with a little sugar and cover the Montebianco with the cream and decorate.
P.S. I used a springform cake tin. I did two alternating layers of chestnut puree and cream, left the cake in the fridge and then covered the cake with a dark chocolate and rum ganache.

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