Dog Areas


There are two “Dog areas” in Bagno a Ripoli, green areas that have been designed and suitably equipped with signs and fences, to allow dogs to run and play freely.

The areas are:

  • within the “I Ponti” municipal garden, adjacent to the sports field, Capoluogo area;
  • within the communal garden between via IV Agosto e Via Lil-liano e Meoli, Grassina area.

In these areas, you can let dogs free, if they are not aggressively natured, even without a muzzle, provided they are always in the presence and under the supervision of their owners.

Here are a few simple rules:

  • Dogs upon which the owner does not have full control cannot be let free.
  • Owners and/or walkers must always be equipped with a lead and hold the dogs every time the need or opportunity to protect people and other dogs arises.
  • Owners and/or walkers must strive in every way to ensure that the dog does not go out of the defined area.

Owners and/or walkers are always responsible for any damage caused by any accompanying animals.

Owners and/or dogwalkers must maintain and preserve the state of hygiene and decorum of the area. For these reasons:

  • Owners and/or dog walkers are required to collect the excrement produced by their animals and must arrange for its disposal in the designated containers installed in the area.
  • Owners and/or dog walkers, with the exception of guide dogs and those accompanied by them, are required to be equipped with a special scoop or bag or other suitable tool for hygienic collection suitable for restoring the hygiene of the area; this equipment will have to be presented at the request of the supervisory bodies.
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