Casa la Croce or Palazzaccio


On the left side, half-hidden by a green hedge, is a beautiful building of medieval origin used as a farmhouse in the past and now a private residence.

The complex belonged, in all likelihood, the Peruzzi family, since the Florentine Land Registry in 1427 informs us that the Peruzzi had a master house and a farm in the village of Croce a Varliano. In the cartography of 1774 the structure is referred to as Casa da Lavoratore del Principe Corsini (Worker House of Prince Corsini). The building, built in the late thirteenth and early fourteenth century, is made with small drafts of limestone, chiseled only the arches of the windows. The structure also presents interesting insertions from later periods, such as some Renaissance windows and a porch dating back to the time when the building was converted into a farmhouse, presumably in the eighteenth century.

La redazione del giornale