Casa Centanni


The present building comes from the restoration of an old farmhouse built in the late thirteenth century as a noble house of the Peri family.

In the seventeenth century the owner was the Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova and the end of the nineteenth century belonged to the Tucci family, owners of other houses in the nearby village of the Croce a Varliano. The medieval building would have had a “court” shape, with high walls that joined the entire residence consisting of the noble house, worker house and the equipped interiors. Ancient structures at Centanni include the cut off tower, later used as a loft in the higher part, a high wall that starts from the remains of the tower and a courtyard with a well and an oven. Next to the ancient part are modern buildings that have replaced the old worker house, and have been built and/or extended when the residence was downgraded to a worker house.

La redazione del giornale